H. C. Vanderpool

H. C. Vanderpool, ThD

 Elder Herbert Campbell “H.C.” VANDERPOOL, ThD,, passed away September 1, 2011. He was founder and editor of the Baptist Banner for several years and founder and editor of the Missionary Baptist Literature for 33 years. He was the first chaplain of the Cumberland Valley School of Gospel Music and made 10 tours to the Holy Land, hosting 9 of them. He was a member of Victory Missionary Baptist Church of Hendersonville, TN. 


The Baptist Banner

The Baptist Banner Edited by H. C. Vanderpool from 1966-1986: Each article is the expressed view of the writer and not that of myself or all Missionary Baptist.

no impenitent sinner can constitutionally enter into the kingdom. There is no place more inappropriate for the impenitent than a church of Christ.